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Monday, September 15, 2008

More After Ike...

Tonight I had Bob run to the store and get some stuff that wasn't good from when the power went out... like milk, etc. First, he goes to Wal-Mart and they were closed (Wal-Mart is never closed) with police guarding the store. So, then Bob went to Brookshire Brothers (a local store here) and they were out of milk, diapers, bread, and a lot more needed items. Bob asked the store employees when they are expecting another shippment and they said tomorrow but if we need these items to get there first thing in the morning because those are the first items to go. This is the weirdest thing to me not being able to get the things we need right then and there.

Today we stopped at a gas station to get candy and they were completely out of gas (we went to this gas station the night before and got gas) and there was a lady in there buying the last of the gas stations pint size milk. She told Bob she had been every where looking for milk and this was the last of it. Great huh? When stuff like this happens I get really worried. I know it will all be getting back to normal but, in the back of my mind I keep think what if it doesn't and what will we do.

Tomorrow will be the fun day of trying to get milk and diapers. Wish my luck!

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