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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So things here are going great! Heidi is sleeping through the night (knock on wood), taking good naps (knock on wood), learning to get that thumb in her mouth (so she will be a happy camper), and just growing and becoming more beautiful everyday.

Hailee is learning more and more each day, she LOVES school, she is having fun and learning so much at gymnastics, she is a sponge and is ready to soak up antyhing and everything (mommy and daddy have to be very careful), and she is growning into a beautiful young lady.

Bob is working hard for us all, he is learning more about Heidi (as he only sees her for maybe an hour a day), Hailee absolutely adores him, and he is a wonderful and loving father and dad.

And me... I am doing the mom thing, trying to spread my love to each girl (and to my husband), trying to give equal attention to everyone (Bob kind of gets put on t he back burner), trying to get stuff done around the house (that doesn't really get done but I try), I love my family and wouldn't replace or change a thing.

We are all doing well and pretty much taking one day at a time. Things are going pretty great and I feel so blessed. Love you all!

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