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Monday, July 14, 2008

Delivery Details

So, I have been asked to share details on when I had Heidi. I did end up having her natural.

My water ended up breaking in the middle of the night. I was awake due to contractions I was having (that was good it didn't happen in bed :o). Since I was dilated at a 5 already I thought maybe we should go in right away instead of laboring at home for a while. We ended up getting to the hospital around 4:30 a.m. and I wasn't really having any painful contractions. We got to our room and they got me all set up on the monitors and stuff. Then the doctor called to see how things were progressing and the nurse told her that my contractions were still irregular but, for sure my water did break. So, the doctor wanted to get things going a little quicker because I had a little elevated blood pressure (which was due to toxemia meaning they needed to get the baby out). The doctor ordered the nurse to get me started on patosun (who knows if I spelled that right). Oh my gosh.... that was the worst pain ever. With patosun it makes the contractions harder and closer together faster then regular contractions. It got so painful I had the nurse check me and I was dilated a 5 (when I first came in they determined I was at 4 cm). So, I told the nurse I couldn't do it and I needed an epidural. I had to finish 1 1/2 bags of the IV fluids before I could get the epidural. I told the nurse to crank it up. I finished the first bag in like 30 minutes and then the nurse put the 2nd bag up and she called the anisteshiologist (who knows if I spelled that right). It took him only like 30 minutes to get up stairs. Before he came in to do the epidural, I had the nurse check me and guess what... I was at 8 cm almost 9 cm. I wanted to know when to push and feel it so, I said no I didn't want it. After that it was the most painful experience. It was like it was all moving in slow motion too. They started bringing in all the stuff to take care of the baby and getting all the doctor supplies in the room. I JUST WANTED TO PUSH! But, they wouldn't let me. Then they put the stir ups up (which really teased me) and all I wanted to do was PUSH. But, no it wasn't time. Then finally the doctor came in and they told me to push and I was so exhausted I told them I couldn't :o). I ended up pushing 5 times and she came out :o). It was such a great experience and I am glad it all happened naturally because I think I would have been really mad later that I didn't do it. I ended up having really high bood pressure while pushing that I had to stay on IV fluids and magnesium for 24 hours and then I got moved to my postpartum room. Heidi ended up having jaundice and having to go under the lights but, it all worked out. I know God had his hand on us both because we both came out fine and we have a beautiful little girl.

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Julie P. said...

thanks for your story! So glad you got what you wanted in going natural-your a super star! ;-) So I bet your busy now-I mean, think of all the scrapbooking you have to do! ;-)