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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

What a great day we had! Today was one of those days that you treasure. Nothing to fancy just a plain day that was peaceful. This morning we went swimming and had a great time together as a family. Then later this evening (once it cooled off) we went to the park and Hailee got to fish for the first time. Bob has been wanting to take her fishing for a while so, we finally got a (Barbie) fishing poll and she got to practice and then go out and do the real thing. Hailee loves her daddy so much; it is nice to see her actually having a full day with him with no distractions.

I now have 7 weeks (or so) to go until Miss Heidi gets here. I actually think I am truely ready for her to come into this world and out of my body. I have really enjoyed it but, now I am feeling the Houston heat, I am tired and achy, and so very tired of this heart burn! I am ready for us all to meet Heidi and to bring her home and watch her grow. But again, I have 7 more weeks :o).

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